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Welcome all to the first unofficial Nikki Hassman web site! Why is this site here you ask? Well, because Nikki is a wonderful, beautiful, person whom I love very much. She was formerly a member of the Contemporary Christian Music group, Avalon. She left the group in Spring of 1998 to pursue her solo career. We all truly missed Nikki. But the good news is, we will continue to support all decisions she makes about her music career. Because this is God's will for her life. And she will have a new album coming out in Spring of 1999, which we can enjoy her beautiful voice once again. Also, on the date that her album is released, the full version of this site will be launched. So keep an eye out for it! God Bless! I love you so much Nikki!!

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[full version of site will be launched in 1999, if you have any questions, please email me at avalonfanpage@fcmail.com with "Nikki Hassman" in the subject box, thank you]

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